Friday, February 3, 2012

New Madonna Video - Give Me All Your Luvin'

I might have something to say about this at a later date if I ever figure out wtf is supposed to be happening here.  She looks good, though.

I like the song, though.  Not her best.  And nowhere near one of her best lead singles.  But it's fun and extremely catchy.  The quality is miles ahead of the nonsensical and even-more-pandering "4 Minutes."  A friend on facebook described the video (or song?) as Madonna continuing to struggle for relevancy.  On the contrary, I think she's finally given up on trying to stay relevant. Hard Candy, the new songs from her last GH album, and this seem to show her just going with what works more than anything else. Gone are the days of the thought-provoking, button-pushing Madonna or the one that had her pulse on the barely underground trends and sacrifcing them on the altar of Pop as the backdrop to a new Re-Invention. I like the song well enough. It's catchy and fun. Lightweight to be sure, but then that's what made her golden in the 80's.  She's just trying to stay afloat in a sea of mediocrity. I'm fine with it. I can still enjoy it to some extent, but she's not the balls-out hero to me she used to be. You could say she is still trying to stay relevant by being just as irrelevant as everything else out there.  And she finally seems to have given up on giving a shit about music videos, like everyone else did 5 to 10 years ago. 

I'm now finally allowing myself to succumb to Madonna Fever V.2012.  I'm almost afraid to, after 2008's "Hard Candy."  But it's been long enough and I've always got time for some Madonna worship, however more fleeting the infatuation may be as time goes on.  "M.D.N.A" - March 26.  Super Bowl Halftime Show, February 5.  I hope it doesn't suck.

I guess I did have something to say about it after all.


  1. This has a very Speak and Spell vibe to it, minus the urban sound of course. But I can almost see Depeche Mode covering this.

  2. pop shit is out !!!!!! her mystery type of music this song seems not to have so much time like her other past alburms that had so many no1 hits on the music charts.....just another cd im not interested in to buy, hope her next one is better